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MCC Solar Charger and Driver

Key features:

  • Charging all day 360 °
  • Anti-sand storm
  • Snow protection
  • Modular design
  • Anti-hail
  • Easy maintenance

Leadtime on demand
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Professional design to promote overall system reliability

➢ Use of well-known international brand semiconductor devices such as IR, ST, ON, etc.

➢ Industrial grade full-digital MCU technology, no need for adjustable resistance, strong anti-interference ability, no aging and drift problem.

➢ High LED driving, greatly reduce the temperature of the product.

➢ Degree of protection IP68 without any button, further improves the waterproof capacity.

High efficiency MPPT tracking technology

➢ MPPT tracking efficiency ≥99.9%, system power generation efficiency up to 98%, improving system efficiency and reducing system cost

High conversion efficiency

➢ Charge conversion efficiency up to 98.4%

➢ LED efficiency of the constant current dimmer up to 97.4%

Very low static energy consumption

➢ Static power consumption current ≤0.12W

Intelligent battery management

➢ Intelligent charging management, PWM charging, constant voltage equalization and constant voltage floating charge, greatly extending battery life

➢ Significantly extends battery life by up to 50% thanks to intelligent management of charge and discharge by temperature compensation.

➢ Intelligent battery power management to ensure the battery operates in a shallow state of charge and discharge, greatly extending battery life

Intelligent management of LED readers

➢ LED light control function, automatically turn on the LED in the dark, automatically turn off the LED in daylight

➢ Time control in five steps

➢ Dimming function, each channel can control different output power

➢ Morning light function

➢ Time control and morning light function in sensor mode

Intelligent energy management function

➢ Intelligently adjust the output power according to the battery power

➢ Reasonable system configuration and reasonable parameter setting, can reach 365 days without lights

Flexible setting function

➢ Infrared wireless communication, connected to a portable remote control for easy technical installation

➢ The remote control's human-machine interface is user-friendly, easy to set up

Perfect protection

➢ Protection of the reverse battery connection

➢ Reverse connection protection of the solar panel

➢ Prevent the battery from discharging towards the solar panels at night

➢ Battery undervoltage protection

➢ LED output short circuit protection

➢ LED output open circuit protection

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