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Electronic siren Bono

Electronic siren Bono

Electronic high-power alert siren

  • Solar Pack
  • Strong acoustic power
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Wide choice of connectivity and communication
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Bono is the first truly independent mermaid that combines the possibilities of sophisticated electronic mermaids, compact dimensions and emergency power supply. It can be used outside and inside, in industrial premises and workshops, noisy factories, open-air mines, public places etc. Bono is able to reproduce spoken ads and signals from its internal memory, as well as live ads with an external microphone and sound signals from various external sources. All electronics, including batteries and an acoustic transformer of 100 W power, are integrated into the resistant aluminum and stainless steel body while maintaining a light weight and minimum dimensions. With the Bono siren it is possible to buy a wide range of optional accessories for communication, control or power from a solar panel. The mermaid comes standard in 100B version with a large baffle but can be delivered in 100S version with a small baffle.

Solar Pack

With the Bono siren it is possible to buy the Solar Pack, which makes it completely independent in external power supply. By choosing an appropriate means of activation (e.g. satellite or sensor activation), it becomes a fully autonomous device that can be used for example in the jungle for road construction or in the middle of a swamp in an open-air mine. It is also possible to connect various compatible sensors.


A specially formed baffle made of aluminium and stainless steel alloys combined with a 100 W pressure speaker ensures the quality coverage of the territory required by the acoustic signal. It is possible to save an almost unlimited number of advertisements in the mermaid, to define their priorities, interruptions or combinations.


  • eight binary inputs and two binary outputs
  • interface RS232/RS485
  • aBUS interface for other aSCADA® series devices,
  • FFSK support of analog modem
  • Ethernet interface (requires additional module)
  • WiFi/X-bee interface (requires additional module)
  • GPRS interface (necessitates the additional SmartBridge + GPRS module)


The Bono siren has integrated diagnostic functions that can be used in the case of a two-way communication between the siren and the dispatching. The dispatcher therefore has the option to remotely check the condition of the battery and the function of each system without the need to send a technician to see the siren, which significantly saves operational costs.

Data sheet

Ambiant temperature
-25°C to 65°C
Power supply
110 Vac
Power output
98-130 dB(A) / 30 m depending on model
Power consumption (W)
100 W RMS (electronic setting)
Operating time
20 minutes of full-power ringing or 60 minutes of lyrics
Net Weight
7-10 Kg
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