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Radio ATEX DT985

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Main features

  • 99 Channels, 8 Zones
  • Submersible IP68 (2 m, 4 hours)
  • MILSTD 810C/D/E/F/G
  • High capacity Li-Ion battery
  • Multi-channel zones
  • Exceptionally strong and better sound of clarity - in class
  • 2 simplex slots
  • Several reception groups
  • Alias de bavard
  • Lone-Worker & Man-Down
  • Personal attack button
  • Group call
  • Individual appeal
  • Caller ID
  • Detailed information or great information on display - programmable
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Channels- The DT985 can be programmed with analog and digital channels, which is clearly indicated on the screen with the frequency. If a semi-duplex channel is programmed, the word "repetitor" will be displayed instead of the frequency.

Benefits ofmodedigital digital- Digital that offers a much better sound, extended autonomy and longer battery autonomy compared to analog radios.

Voice annunciation -This programmable function announces either the position of the selected channel, or a marine channel number (alias) - it gives additional assurance to the user that it has selected the right channel, allowing it to focus on the current task.

Environmental protection at IP68 (2 meters for 4 hours)- The DT985 offers the highest immersion rating of all manufacturers. This protects against corrosion, resistant to total immersion in water at a depth of 2 meters for 4 hours to protect against the probable dangers encountered in extremely humid environments.

Robust accessory grip- The DT985 accessory grip has been specially designed so that when an accessory is attached to the laptop, the connection can withstand any amount of punishment; from falling to use neglected. The robust multi-pin interface and Micro-USB socket are both submersible and gold-plated to minimize any risk of damage and protect against corrosion. To ensure the integrity of IS protection levels, any accessory connected to the combined automatically undergoes a validation process to protect against non-compliant accessories used. All DT885FF accessories include a robust locking connector to further protect user safety.

High contrast white on black OLED screen- the DT985 model benefits from a high contrast white OLED display on black OLED screen that offers superior readability in variable light conditions, adding to the intuitive DT985 user interface.

Li-Ion Battery Technology and Enhanced Conversation Time- DT985 radios are provided with the latest intelligent standard lithium-Ion battery technology. One of the main advantages of lithium-ion battery technology is how it eliminates the "memory effect", which means that it is not necessary to completely unload your battery before charging it. As a result, you are insured with a full charge each time you remove your Entel battery from its charger.

Senior audio- DT985 laptops offer a strong and clean sound, regardless of the environment in which you are located. The entire range of accessories from the DT985 incorporates a robust locking grip and high-quality cable and benefit from Entel's exclusive "Smart Speech Tailoring" technology. This automatically detects the type of connected accessory and optimizes the audio accordingly to offer the best performance.


Simple reprogramming application on board- With our free, unique and easy-to-use PC application, you can easily reprogram a DT985 radio while still on board. The user-friendly application allows you to easily drag and drop a new programming file from an e-mail to your DT985 radio(s).

This is a simple and transparent process that can be performed by non-technical personnel.

Lockofkey- To avoid accidental operation, your radio keys and controls can be locked.

Programmable channel monitor button- If you have activated channel protection on your DT985, all signals other than your own networks will be filtered. This can be temporarily deactivated, allowing you to monitor all signals on your channel.

Audio accessories and BA support- Entel also offers a wide range of accessories, including Draegor BA, the most popular for firefighters is the CXR bone conductor microphone and skull that eliminate ambient noise, further enhanced by the DT985 voice adaptation technology offering intelligible communications for the first time, each time

Digitalization- a programmable button allows scanning channels.


ATEX IIC T4 Approved- The ATEX DT985 certified laptops reply to IIC T4 - the most stringent ATEX ratings in accordance with EU Directive 94/9/EC.

Data sheet

Degree of protection
400 - 470MHz
138mm x 60mm x 38mm
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