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Ensure the security of your business with our ATEX audit service

From the simplest to the most complex project, we offer our audit services to assess the risks, identify your needs and define with you the solutions best suited to your project.





This is heading elementWhat is an ATEX audit?

An audit ATEX is a systematic evaluation of explosion prevention measures in an industrial installation or in an explosion risk area. ATEX is a European directive which concerns protection against explosions and the safety of workers in explosive atmospheres. The objective of an ATEX audit is toverify whether equipment, processes and safety measures comply with the requirements of the ATEX Directiveand associated technical standards.</p >

At A2S, the ATEX audit may include:
* an assessment of the classification of risk areas
* an analysis of the probability and severity of explosions,
* a verification of the conformity of equipment and processes to ATEX technical standards.
* a verification of the training and awareness of personnel regarding explosion risks and prevention measures.

What an ATEX audit includes

Audit results are usually documented in a report that describes the differences identified and the recommendations to correct them.

An ATEX audit is a key part of safety and compliance management for industrial companies, and are often repeated periodically to ensure that the recommended recommendations have been implemented.

Risk analysis

The audit may include an assessment of the explosion risks in the facility, identifying potentially hazardous areas, sources of ignition, flammable materials present, etc.

Regulatory conformity

The audit may focus on the compliance of the installation with the European ATEX directive, by checking the classification of zones, the design of equipment, the selection of materials, the installation of ventilation and detection systems, the technical documentation, etc.

Training and awareness

The audit may include an evaluation of the training provided to workers at the facility on explosion hazards, emergency procedures, use of equipment, etc.

Preventive maintenance

The audit may focus on the preventive maintenance practices of the installation, to ensure that equipment is regularly maintained, checked and replaced if necessary.

Security management

The audit may include an assessment of the safety management of the facility, checking the implementation of emergency plans, safe working procedures, management of waste and flammable materials, etc. ..


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So don't hesitate to consult our three training levels (Level -0-1-2) which will allow you to obtain ATEX authorization.

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