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Custom design

Custom design for ATEX products refers to the creation of products that meet the specific requirements of hazardous areas potentially explosive. ATEX products are designed for use in environments where there is a risk of explosion, such as oil refineries, chemical plants and mines.

Customized design for ATEX products makes it possible toadapt products to the specific needs of each customer in terms of functionality, security and performance. This may include changes to the shape, size, materials, colors and branding of the product. As well as specific feature additions to meet application requirements.

It is important to note that ATEX products must comply with current safety standards, such as the ATEX Directive 2014 /34/EU, to guarantee the safety of workers and the environment. Custom ATEX products must therefore be designed, tested and certified in accordance with these standards.

Conception d'éclairages personnalisés

Customized boxes

Let us draw up the diagram of your lighting installation. The boxes can be custom-made to meet the specific requirements of the application and the hazardous areas concerned.

Distribution panels for lighting or tracing circuits, as well as low-power motor starters, can be made of reinforced polyester thanks to the use of Ex d encapsulated components (circuit breakers, contactors, etc.).

This innovative technology allows simple and quick access to circuit breakers located under windows and which can be opened under voltage in the dangerous zone (in zone 1 or 2). For higher powers, metal boxes different sizes are available and make it possible to create complete assemblies mounted on chassis.

These panels and boxes are always delivered fully equipped and wired to terminals, ready to be connected. We have a very wide range with rectangular boxes for gas group IIB, or boxes with round screwed lids for gas group IIC.

The user thus benefits from a guarantee of total compliance with current standards and above all an optimal level of safety for protection against explosions.

Custom lighting design

Let us draw up the diagram of your lighting installation. Discover our solutions for maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

Customized ATEX lighting offers a solution tailored to the specific needs of each customer. They can be designed according to specific environmental conditions, such as temperature, pressure and humidity. Additionally the lights can be customized in terms of color, power and shape to meet application requirements.

Using high quality materials, such as anodized aluminum housings, Protected electronic components and impact-resistant glasses, personalized ATEX lighting guarantees optimal durability. Additionally, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

Wireless solutions

Discover all our wireless solutions dedicated to optimizing industrial production processes, site surveillance and the protection of people and property. Our solutions offer a wide variety of solutions to operators for their applications in ATEX zones.

Solutions sans fil

Site modeling

A 3D design plan is used to provide you with a visual representation of what the final installed lighting solution actually looks like, showing the lux levels and light distribution that will be achieved on stage.


We offer 2D / 3D plans to map the intensity and distribution of light points on the site. This is to show that the area is evenly lit, which is essential to achieving the highest level of safety and security.

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